Mont Sainte-Victoire Cézanne painted this mountain at least a few dozen of times portraying it from various angles, in different light and colour, with diverse elements of the landscape. Mont Sainte-Victoire became his obsession that lasted until the very end of his life.

People and mountains seem to develop a kind of peculiar relation to each other. This is a connection of a fundamental kind. Mountains − whether they are real or fictional or mythical − turn out to be the location of the most crucial stories
An iceberg photographed in 1912 bearing an unmistakable mark of black and red paint.
It is believed that this is the iceberg that sank the Titanic.

Austrian Alps. A watercolour painted by young Adolf Hitler

Zlatar Mountain.
Tito's secret bunker built inside the mountain Zlatar near the town of Konjic in northern Hercegovina in the years 1953-79. Bunker hiddern inside the moutain is one of the biggest secrets and largest investments of former Yugoslavia.
Zlato means gold in Serbian.

Sinai. There are about 14 different hypotheses concerning geographical location of the Biblical Mount Sinai.  They are all divergent from the location of the mountain called Sinai at present.

Gazimestan, Kosovo Polje. A place of alleged victory of Serbian state over Ottoman Empire.
To mark the 600th anniversary of the Battle of Kosovo Slobodan Milošević delivers a famous speech by the Gazimestan monument. Soon the Yugoslav Wars start, Republic of Yugoslavia falls apart.

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The iceberg thought to have been hit by Titanic, photographed by the chief steward of the liner Prinz Adalbert on the morning of 15 April 1912.
The iceberg was reported to have a streak of red paint from a ship's hull along its waterline on one side.


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